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On the Front Porch - Miss Rumphius: A Shadow Play

MISS RUMPHIUS by Barbara Cooney is a 9:35 shadow play with narration and music. It is the third shadow play I have performed in my living room window on the front porch. I started with CINDERELLA in early March of 2020, followed by THE WIZARD OF OZ in early April. I wanted to entertain children and adults alike during the pandemic. The viewers were invited to drive and park, or stand on the sidewalk or in my front yard, wearing masks and maintaining social distance. Each performance was repeated for 30 minutes.

About Jane

Jane’s love of the theatre started at an early age but really took off in college where she performed in West Side Story and starred in Elizabeth the Queen. But it wasn’t until she found her home in southeastern Connecticut where she discovered her love for teaching theatre.

Jane has appeared with Flock Theatre of New London as Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible, Lady Macbeth, and as Ariel (voice and puppeteer) in The Tempest. Since 1979 Jane has been the Director of Theatre at The Williams School in New London, Connecticut. Jane has worked at National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre since 2004.

Submitted by Jane Ross Martineau on Oct 7, 2020

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