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Union Station, New London, CT Postcard


Advocacy has been at the heart of our work for almost fifty years. 

New London Landmarks, Inc. formed in 1976 when Union Railroad Station Trust and New London Landmarks merged. Both organizations had a track record of advocacy: Union Railroad Station Trust was born during the decade-long battle to stop the demolition of Union Station and New London Landmarks formed to fight the New London Redevelopment Agency’s planned demolition of numerous Bank Street buildings.

116 and 130 Bank Street, New London, CT

116 & 130 Bank Street

38 Green Street, New London, CT

Our Work & Achievements

  • In 2017-2018 we led the successful battle to save 130 and 116 Bank Street.

  • In 2011, we were part of the coalition that fought to keep Riverside Park intact.

  • In 2009, we wrote development guidelines that were approved by both the Planning & Zoning Commission and the City Council and which are used today by New London’s Historic District Commission/Design Review Board.

  • We successfully advocated for a stronger blight ordinance.

  • We testified before Planning & Zoning, the City Council and the Historic District Commission/Design Review Board. 

  • We submitted testimony to Connecticut’s General Assembly.

  • We facilitated a successful application for $400,000 in state tax credits towards the rehabilitation of 38 Green Street.

38 Green Street

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