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We Must March On

What month is it? October already? Wow, it’s been 7 months already? I’ve never been through a Pandemic like this before. I remember the Swine Flu but I don’t remember it being like this. I don’t remember anything being closed down. I don’t remember anyone wearing masks.

I do remember reading history books, after all, as I always say, “History is what I do.” I either make it, read about it or study it. I am always surrounded by it in some form of another.

I have two jobs. The Hempsted Houses, my most historic job, has been slowed tremendously due to this. The tours have been few. Many projects have been sidelined or cancelled completely. Life as we know it has essentially been put on hold, indefinitely.

From March on, we have watched the country fall apart in various forms. In May, George Floyd was senselessly murdered. With a country so divided by politics already, we were further divided by this event. Many took to the streets. In our little New London, a place with such a large heart, people gathered to mourn. We gathered to protest. We gathered to say we wouldn’t stand for it any longer.

I attended several protests. My oldest daughter, 16 years old, refused to stay behind. This was her fight too. My youngest, I didn’t have the heart to drag her into the ugly dirty, reality of it all.

I couldn’t shield her from it either. I tried to keep her from it, but there were questions. I did my absolute best to answer them. I’m still trying. Her older sister and I took to the street, there is only so much that the street can do.

It is time to put pen to paper and show her a different way. We have to start with our state and local government. I have to teach my daughters to do what so many before us have done. We must write our legislators, we must elect those who will listen to and speak for us. I have taught them that their voices matter, that they do not have to remain silent. They can use their voice and align with others that think like them to have their voices heard.

They know now that their Black Lives Matter and that we must always march on.

Submitted by Nicole Thomas on Oct 19, 2020

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