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The Perfect Storm

These are, indeed, difficult times. The pandemic is the perfect storm which has negatively affected every member of our society. It crept in and seemingly robbed each of us of our “normal way of life.” While I have an uncomfortable level of anxiety many days, I also find that I am more easily overwhelmed with the simple blessings that are all around me. Watching butterflies hover over my bushes, hearing the laughter of children, receiving a text from one of my many nephews and nieces with the closing “Love you more, Aunt Val,” driving past the Garde or Ocean Beach and remembering the wonderful times I spent there as both a youngster and an adult, taking in the beauty that is right outside my door as the miracle of autumn transforms our trees into wonderous spectacles and the opportunity to give back to a community that I love. The uncertainty of our new norm is unsettling. The only thing I am certain of is that counting my blessings will be the fuel I need to get me through these difficult times.

Valerie A. Tamano

President, New London Education Foundation Inc

NLHS Class of 1970

NLPS Retiree

Submitted by Valerie Tamano on Oct 26, 2020

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