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Reflections of Self

All of my life I've wanted to be a medical professional. My nana used to tell me I had a special gift for connecting with people on a cellular level, and I knew she couldn't be wrong. Ms. Annie Lee Stallings has long since passed, but I carry those words like a badge of honor. I never really understood what she meant until March 13th of this year. I had just returned to CT from a weekend conference and this is what was posted on my Facebook page:


This weekend I attended a conference that I was only going because a friend had asked me to go (if I am being completely honest with myself, believed that I had no reason to go). I had to force myself to have an open mind throughout the weekend and try to absorb something from it. Little did I know that it would be life changing!

This woman right here is literally my hero and I MEAN it! I have been a multiple chronic illness sufferer for the past 10 years and living every single day with pain of some kind. I have NEVER met anyone who didn’t look at me with the sad puppy dog eyes when they find out about that part of my life... BUT SHE DID NOT, SHE TRULY UNDERSTOOD! She knew what I was talking about and connected with this woman so much. I appreciate this woman so incredibly much. Mind you, she has been inside my local dance fitness family since I began this crazy journey 1.5 years ago and I have had very few interactions or conversations with her. She is driven, motivational, brilliant, a wonderful leader, kind, loving and might I add gives literally the best hugs you can find on this planet. She helps bring out the greatness in people and is so welcoming. I am not an emotional person or acknowledge my emotions almost ever. Within seconds of our first real conversation, I allowed myself to be very vulnerable without a second thought about it. She truly helped me through so so so much this weekend and in life and I believed that she deserves this small amount of appreciation that I can show her.

Regina Mosely...THANK YOU TRULY!


Posted by Regina on Facebook:

That very same week, the whole world stopped and our lives were changed forever. During this pandemic I have lost family, friends, my marriage and on some days my sanity; nothing has affected me more than the loss of the healing power of touch. Giving and receiving the transference of energy heals my soul and the souls of so many others. I am in tune with that gift now and as odd as it sounds that is one of the many silver linings of my Covid/pandemic journey. It has given me the opportunity to slow down and appreciate all of the things I've taken for granted. Time is so precious, and you never realize how much of it has been wasted on things that don't really matter or things that we cannot control. It's time and energy that we will never get back. I've harnessed a great bounty of skills, patience, and self- awareness through all of this and I am a better person because of it.

This pandemic has by far been something I never thought I would see in my lifetime, but it has brought back memories of the New London I remember from my childhood. The New London that was a close-knit community that came together to take care of each other regardless of politics, race or religion. We are almost there again in some respects, but still so far away in others.

I love you, New London

Submitted by Regina Mosely on Oct 15, 2020

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