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Lessons learned while journaling through the pandemic

I write this on September 4, 2020, which is almost six months since CT ordered a shutdown. I began recording thoughts and facts into a journal on March 20 and midway through the process a friend I have known for 62 years suggested I make note of things that occurred to me during this time. During the last few weeks, I have not been as dedicated to writing since we have been having some house guests and I wanted to spend time with them. But I’ve been contemplating this request for a few days now and I’m ready to put some of my thoughts about this whole process to paper. I have learned the following:

1) Writing helps me process what’s going on, in my life, in my family, in CT, in the country and in the world.

2) I need to pause before engaging with others who hold extreme viewpoints, especially on social media.

3) There is too much blatant and subtle injustice existing in this country, even here in CT.

4) I have taken so many blessings for granted, both actual things and the ability to do things that others can’t.

5) I can overlook, or simply accept, minor annoyances with my husband, since we are in this house together.

6) I need chocolate every day, to satisfy my craving, perhaps as much as I need nourishing food for my body.

7) Science will save us and knowing what will be possible and what will not help me look ahead.

8) Seeing people in person is so much more satisfying than ZOOM meetings, FaceTime or group texts.

9) I retired at just the right time; all of my teaching friends tell me they’ve never worked harder than in 2020.

10) Exercise helps to clear my mind, strengthen my muscles and soothe my soul.

Surely, I have learned much more, but this pretty well sums up what I wanted to share.

This and how important it is that we all vote however we are able to do so.

Submission by Kimberly Blake. 9/4/2020

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