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In and out of school, New London

Sept 10, 2020: Another "exciting" first morning of school in the books. Buses, rain, firetrucks police. Hoping it was just a pipe leak. Cra-z line of cars and we still got in. I'm glad Joanna is where she wants to be. The teachers at CB Jennings have been amazing through everything this whole past year. For the kids who want or need to be there - and everyone learning simultaneously at home - the staff is working extra hard to make it happen, safely as they can. I'm appreciating it and I just wanted to put it out there.

Having said all this, my community is afraid. Many teachers are afraid. The fact that schools are open at all makes them feel like they are moving targets put out there until “someone gets sick.” Our health system does not benefit all of us equally. Fears are compounded by the fact that this system disproportionately harms black, indigenous and people of color. I pray that we can stay mentally well and keep our human family healthy even while our loudest government voices gaslight and insult us. We need to build ourselves stronger so we can rise up together.

This pandemic has changed many things for me. My employment more or less dissolved, and I found myself helpless - quite unable to “pivot”. My volunteer work blossomed and became clearer in it’s purpose. I’ve been way more consistent with self care, and am working on my depression and old PTSD symptoms. I’m centering myself in anti-racism and how to work for system change.

Having had so much “together” time with my girls over the last 7 months – I am very grateful they can go to school a little bit while they are able. We’re doing hybrid and are still learning how to facilitate learning at home. I’m over the worst part of the learning curve. There are still very difficult moments. I’ve adjusted and built muscles for a different life. I’m glad this time has given me the chance to safely explore the darker side of me. In doing so I also discovered a dreamier side that wants to hide and read books, to escape our crazy world. I must plan to embrace this when I need it, as we are going into a long and unpredictable winter…

Submitted by Elizabeth Spurr on Oct, 14, 2020

Created Sept 10, 2020

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