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I Think They Scared of Us

I think they scared of us....

1st They suppress my presence

Yes sir no sir

Speak up boy

Don't talk back

Check that tone

Take that base out your voice

Echoes of masters words stream from my mothers lips


Bandages for wounds they claim were self inflicted

Then they discredit my knowledge

I was 4, schooling my teacher on slavery

until she decided to embarrass me

as the butt of her jackassery

Fears of them taking me from her

My mother popped me on my lips

Dumming down my smart mouth

In high school all eyes were on me

whenever anything historically "of color" came up

Either Criticizing my accuracy

or laughing at my nervousness

"What causes an illness to be transferred?"

Me raising my hand - Mucus? Membrane?

They all laughed

"No, That's right Josh!"

Fake confusion took over my known correct answers in fear of becoming a know it all

Years later a man refused my orders on sight


The only engineer on site

Ready to swing on site

Yet polite, I'll call my partner

Who of course is white...

Just for them to reassure my orders were right

They claimed they thought I was an intern


So your scared I'm smarter AND intimidated I'm younger than you

I know their scared of us

You fear you are becoming extinct


Balance Ebonics and thermodynamics with one hand

While dapping up my student after I finished my lesson plan

You, see me as a threat

asking me to lessen my skill

My knowledge

My voice

My frustration


A prince once told me Anger gets shit done

You weren't politickin with me when I approached your table civically

Now when we kick in your door and shook up your white sensitivity

Regret has you retreatin wishin for my kinder delivery.....

I Know they scared of us

Because New London PD just received a TANK


For a City barely populated over 26,000

Y'all scared of us!

A campus sized city where half the black folks been pushed out

School budgets get vetoed, but the police need more troops without a doubt

1% for the kiddies, 11 mill for the armed guards

We not on the payroll so they clearly protectin y'all


While my request for a home printer was denied!

It took a pandemic for all our students to get Chromebooks , but fuck our black lives

How else can I present the math?

Oh...the scariest part is, Your kid is probably in my class

Submitted by AnUrbanNerd on Oct 10, 2020

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