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I Am Not Your Teacher

“I am not your teacher, I am your mother.”

Man, oh man. How did we get here?

Oh, right, Covid 19.

I have to go to work.

I need you to log on and get to work.

Yes, you still have to go to school.

I still have to go to work.

Don’t argue with your grandmother. She’s here to help us all.

Yes, you have to turn on your camera, NO, I don’t care if you look like a troll.

It is time for school!

I know it’s hard.

Yes, I care about your mental health.

I’m actually also really trying to maintain my own!

I know it is hard to learn on your computer, it’s hard for me to teach you on a computer.

Of course they are counting your attendance.

I’m not sure if you will get snow days this year.

I am not your teacher, I’m your mother.

Submitted Anonymously on Oct 19, 2020

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