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Fear and Stress

The fear and the stress of trying to keep your family safe during a pandemic is overwhelming. Staying home was necessary. The murder of George Floyd made us leave our home for the first time. We knew that our children needed to see their community show up and show support for people who look like they do. The need to protest, the need to be a part of it and the importance of teaching our children that their voices are powerful and to not be afraid to use them ... made us come out of our home. The rest of the time we spent in what we called backyard camp, simply trying to make the best of the situation and make sure that they were able to enjoy their summer. It also helped relieve a lot of the stress that was present for all of us. We spent every day in our backyard and I can honestly say, we never did that before. Summer was always hectic, with so much to do and so many places to go. We noticed the wildlife in our own yard for the first time. I am certain that our two dogs loved having us home all of the time.

Submitted by Linda Pfeiffer on Oct 8, 2020

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