Do you have a story to share

about living through the pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic has touched all of our lives, but it hasn’t touched all of us in the same way.   If you’re a member of the New London community, we invite you to share your experience living through Covid-19.  Your submission will help us understand the many ways the pandemic is affecting New Londoners, and it will allow us to provide future researchers with the types of resources we wish we had about past events like the 1918 flu pandemic.

What types of submissions are we looking for? 

Photos, writing, artwork, journals, short videos or audio clips: anything that describes how the pandemic is affecting life in New London.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to accept submissions from other municipalities unless they are about something you saw or experienced in New London.

Who can submit?

Anyone thirteen years old or older who either resides in New London and/or whose experience directly relates to New London. Contributors under the age of eighteen will need a parent or legal guardian to grant us permission to display their submissions.


What will we do with the submissions?

We’ll create a digital exhibit of submissions this fall, then archive them and make them permanently available online and in our files to educators, researchers, descendants of contributors and anyone else who wants to understand life in New London during this historic time. 


Writing prompts

Would you like to share your experience but aren’t sure where to begin? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Is there anything you’ve especially missed during the pandemic?

  • Has the pandemic made you especially grateful for anything?

  • Have you cared for someone who is ill or gotten ill yourself? (Be careful not to violate anyone’s privacy if you write about a medical condition.)

  • Have you found anything that lifts your or your family’s spirits during this period of isolation?

  • Have you participated in a large gathering such as a protest or a funeral, and if so, how did you balance the need for safety with the need to be present?

  • Has the pandemic changed how you do your job or whether you still have a job?

  • If you could write a letter to your great-great-grandchildren about the pandemic, what would it say?

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Your response will remain private, but it will allow us to document how different communities are experiencing the pandemic and whether our submissions reflect New London's diversity.


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