New executive director Laura Natusch discusses her background, historic preservation and our campaign to save 116 and 130 Bank Street with board member Martin Olsen on his cable access show, "City Focus" on 06/28/2017.

What is Bank Street supposed to look like? - The Day, 05/11/2017


Bill Cornish, owner of many an old downtown New London building, was just doing what he does when he purchased 116 and 130 Bank Street. Cornish's business model has been to buy and minimally rehab old buildings for use as rental space.

This time, however, he has run into an armada of preservationists. The city can thank both sides for raising the issue of what Bank Street is supposed to look like.

It's not enough to let the street be its gritty, colorful self and assume that developers will get the idea and play along. With economic development heating up, New London needs to renew and promote its vision for the downtown, starting with Bank Street.

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