• Seanice Austin

Reparations to Address Systemic Racism

The racial wealth gap between Black and White households has remained relatively unchanged since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. While there were some efforts made toward narrowing the gap, those efforts have all but disappeared due to structural and institutional racism that continues to change tactics and moved the bar.

Over the next several years, there is going to be a $30 trillion transference of wealth from the baby boomers to the younger generation, which will worsen the problem. At the root of all racism is a caste system, so to eradicate racism, we must eliminate the economic gap.

All Americans have a responsibility to lend their voice to advocate at the state- and federal- level for passage of substantive legislation that focuses on economics. Black Americans who descend from American chattel slavery is the largest group of Blacks in this country. Reparations is a debt owed by the American government and must be the clarion call.


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