130 Bank Street
John Deshon Building
Martin Center
Broad Street
Capitol Theatre
The Capitol Theater, 1921, was a famous vaudeville house with a décor reminiscent of European Opera Houses and noted for its magnificent acoustics. It is located at 39 Bank Street in New London and has been empty since 1974. The City purchased the theater in 1978. It was given to developers in 2006 for $1 and then sold to a contractor in 2010 through a tax auction.

The Capitol Theater was recognized as a premiere Vaudeville House with an elegant interior equaling any theater in the country an
Garfield Mill
66 Franklin House
11 Home Street
Hodges Square Shopping Center
Rogers Cemetery
Near Farnsworth Street and the Athletic Center at Connecticut College
Michael's Dairy
On campus of Mitchell College
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Endangered List

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  • John Deshon Building (130 Bank Street)

  • Martin Center (Broad Street)

  • Capitol Theater (Bank Street)

  • Garfield Mill (Garfield Avenue)

  • 66 Franklin Street

  • 11 Home Street

  • Hodges Square Shopping Center (397 Williams Street)

  • Rogers Cemetery (Farnsworth Street)


Recent Saves / Watch list:

  • Michael's Dairy Barn (Montauk Avenue) (Owner Mitchell College are raising funds for the restoration of the barn)

  • Lighthouse Inn (Guthrie Place) (Recently purchased by business partners who plan to restore it to Inn and Restaurant)

  • City Hall (181 State Street) - city has plans to restore building.

  • Post Office (Masonic Street) - building no longer for sale. USPS plans to restore building.

  • 605 Pequot Avenue - recently purchased by family who have plans to restore house.

  • Ancientest Burial Place - discussions with city, local tour operator and local organizations to fundraise and recruit volunteers for periodic clean-ups.

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