About Us

"Virtually every example of sustained success in downtown revitalization – regardless of the size of the city – has included historic preservation as a key component of the strategy." - Donovan D. Rypkema, The Economics of Historic Preservation

New London Landmarks is a non-profit corporation, a 501 (c) 3, run by a volunteer Board of Directors and three part-time employees. The mission of NLL is to promote the preservation and development of the urban environment of New London, Connecticut, including significant individual structures, streetscapes, neighborhoods, and open spaces.

The NLL office at 49 Washington Street contains extensive files on all National Register Historic Districts and Individually Listed Sites in New London. Additional files are kept on individual structures, listed by street address. Historic and current photos files, newspaper clippings, maps and a variety of historic documents are included in the files.

Appointments for research can be made by calling 860-442-0003.
A minimum research fee is charged depending upon the staff time required.

The Board of NLL

Executive Committee

Laura Nadelberg, President
Thomas Couser, Vice President
Katie Scanlon, Secretary
Deborah Donovan, Treasurer


Lloyd Beachy
Kane Borden
Laurie Deredita
Christopher Deveau
James Diaz-Saavedra
Martin T. Olsen, Jr.
Don Presley
Mark G. Roberts
Aaron Trahan
Wick York


Constance Kristofik, Executive Director
Tina DuBosque, Bookkeeper
Barbara Fay, Archivist

What We Do

We are actively working to preserve New London’s historic resources through educational programs, house tours, collaborations with New London Main Street, also a National Trust program, and other historic organizations in the city.

New London Landmarks . . .

  • Advocates for the preservation and maintenance of New London’s historic and cultural resources.
  • Advocates for the concept: “Preservation IS Economic Development.”
  • Researches New London’s architectural treasures and history.
  • Maintains and expands informational files on homes and buildings.
  • Plans educational programs and tours relating to New London’s history and architecture.
  • Works to preserve New London’s historic resources through house tours and collaborations with New London Main Street and other historic organizations in the city.

How We Do It

Advocacy for the preservation and protection of New London’s historic architecture is the primary mission for New London Landmarks (NLL).

Educational projects to accomplish this mission include . . .

  • 3rd and 4th grade curriculum for New London schools includes detailed history of the City, its founders and architecture, classroom projects, short walking tours and a “Architectural Treasure Hunt” on historic Starr Street.
  • Historic Guide Books to State Street, Bank Street and the Hempstead Street Historic Neighborhood. Available to the public at the Visitor Information Center.
  • Walking Tours at various times during the year with an emphasis on May as Historic Preservation Month.
  • House Tours to selected neighborhoods.
  • Historic Plaque Program: Owners of homes 50 years and older can apply for an historic “whale plaque.”
  • Researchers review files in the Clerk’s office to confirm the date of construction and list all owners.
  • The Preservationist, the NLL newsletter, is published three times per year.
  • PowerPoint presentations, A Whole New View of New London:  The Good...The Bad…&...The Ugly:

East New London & Winthrop Cove
Historic Bank Street
Coit Street & Bream Cove
Hempstead Street
The Pequot Colony
Fort Trumbull
Neptune Park and Ocean Beach

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